About Me

My Fitness journey began decades ago long before I became a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

It all started from my early days of military school, I was assigned by the house Captain (a higher ranked personnel) with the responsibility to head and lead about 500 cadets for the routined 5am Physical Training activities- this involved instilling discipline in the cadets and ensuring they all comply with the physical training standards of each session, I remember how I would have to yell and shout out the exercises  up close to those of them who were falling behind; hence the nickname BadAss Drill Sergeant.

Fast forward to a couple of more years later I had developed great passion helping people get into bespoke healthy lifestyle routines and developing healthy habits, this involved putting myself out there as a good example to follow inside the gym and in the kitchen.

using my knowledge and experience of physical education in the military to help improve the lives of so many people and this is how Badassfitnezz was born out of people’s observation of my strict and regimented methods of personal fitness training.

There is an endless list of numerous people who have benefited from my training plans, tips and wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness and health.

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